Front End Designer and WordPress Developer in Burlington, VT

About Michael Ware

Michael Ware

I’m a hybrid web designer and front end developer, as well as a digital strategist with over a decade in marketing. With roots in graphic design, I transitioned to the Web in 2006, taking up front end development. After years of agency and in-house work at Elsevier, BP Design, MSI, Magic Hat and the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, I revived my freelance alter ego Partisan Pixel in 2014.

Hire Me

You might be one of these, looking for a freelancer like me:

  • A small to medium-sized business or non-profit looking for a digital rudder, a refresh, a mobile presence or maybe a new responsive website
  • An agency or project manager in need of a versatile, collaborative hired gun who can hit deadlines and put clients at ease
  • A graphic designer or programmer who needs a collaborator to speak browser and make things work from smartphone to desktop
  • A start up looking for a UX designer and front end developer.


We are living through a global design renaissance, heightening the design expectations of anyone with mobile phone or an Internet connection. There is an app for everything and 180 million active websites worldwide as of 2014. Users make split second decisions to stay or leave, and those that do linger may never come back if they don’t find something useful. Beautiful design is not enough–you also need quality information and functionality.

In The Shape of Design, Frank Chimero notes that in the rapid evolution of our digital world, developers and designers sometimes forget to ask “why” before asking “how”. We should first understand what problem we are solving. Everything else flows from there.


My skill set includes:

  • Content strategy
  • User experience design, wireframing & layout
  • Mobile-first responsive Web design
  • HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS & Bootstrap
  • Web typography
  • Javascript, jQuery & Angular
  • WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, Jekyll
  • Git and the Command Line
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Years of problem solving and learning new systems

A Taste of My Work

Vermont State Legislature Redesign

Vermont State Legislature

Information architecture, UX design
Bluehouse Group
Lucidchart for IA, Balsamiq for wireframes, Google Docs for extensive content coordination
Bluehouse did an amazing job of coordinating and programming a complex redesign with a tight schedule and many requirements.

Traveler Beer Company

Traveler Beer Company

Web design
The Traveler Beer Company and Perfect Day Media
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Traveler had developed a print design asthetic using vintage photography that drove the redesign. A fun project and a tasty product.

Colleagues & Clients, Past and Present

People, employers and brands that I’ve had the pleasure to work with through the years:

  • American Meadows
  • Bluehouse Group
  • BP Design
  • Bristlecone Capital Research
  • Center for Economic Research and Social Change
  • Certified Integral Therapy
  • Clutch Creative
  • Corey Machanic
  • DC Sustainable Electric Utility
  • Efficiency Vermont
  • Elsevier
  • Gotham City Graphics
  • Green Party of New York State
  • Haven Custom Homes
  • Innovus
  • Kingsley Graphics
  • Labatt Blue, Blue Light Lime, Labatt 52
  • Magic Hat Brewery
  • Media Solutions International
  • North American Breweries
  • Noumena Designs
  • One Percent for the Planet
  • Perfect Day Media
  • Pyramid Brewery
  • Sheppard Custom Homes
  • Solidarity of Unbridled Labour
  • Sp!ke
  • Tag New Media
  • Traveler Beer Company
  • University of Vermont Medical Center
  • Unwind Mobile Massage
  • Uvero
  • Vermont Energy Investment Corp.
  • Vermont State Legislature
  • Vermont Tech
  • Zainab Sumu Fashion


I am currently booking work for the spring and summer of 2016. Please call or email to discuss your project.
tel: (802) 881-9157
Burlington, Vermont