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Michael Ware, Developer and Designer

Michael Ware

About Partisan

I am a senior creative developer who has been designing and building websites since 2006. In 2014, after years of agency and in-house work, I started Partisan Pixel as an independent web design and development shop. I collaborate with digital agencies and site owners to create beautiful, useful websites and apps.

I graduated from UT Austin with a BA in Philosophy, then traveled for most of my twenties, living in Cairo, London, and Paris before settling in New York City, where I met my wife Tristin. NYC was fun for a bit, but not an easy place to raise two daughters, so we moved to Burlington, Vermont and have not looked back.

When I'm not working, I dabble in short fiction, play Brazilian percussion with Sambatucada, and come summer, grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables in the garden.


Design or development? I rely on both, but most clients hire me to code.

As a creative developer, I can make many design decisions and adjustments, including responsive design adaptations, without needing a meeting or a new mockup. Figma, PHP, CSS, HTML, and Javascript are my daily bread. On smaller projects, I do it all, from designing to coding, implementing site security, optimizing for speed and search, and maintaining ADA compliance. I can animate layouts, manage your domain name records, migrate your site, pull data from an API, or implement your third-party integrations. If you are up for the challenge, I can even teach you a bit of HTML so you can run your website without me.

When working with backend developers and larger teams, I use agile methodologies, create and review Github pull requests, and document everything in Jira. Most of these projects use Vue.js, built in partnership with full-stack developer Carl Irving of Teledemic Digital Services. I've also built many WordPress sites with Kevin Davison of KADM Creations.

I’ve learned a lot since 2006. When you hire me, you get experience and integrity. Partisan has thrived on reputation and personal recommendations. Honesty and transparency work for me.

I charge $100/hr. I work hard, but not on weekends. I enjoy helping people and organizations I believe in. If you would like to discuss a project, please reach out.

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