About Partisan

Partisan Pixel is a two-person web design and front-end development shop based in Burlington, Vermont. We like to build and create. That could be a WordPress site, an ecommerce store, video, photography, or even a short story. We like Woocommerce, Shopify, Vue.js, saturated colors, spicy food (Kevin), and clients who are trying to make the world a better place. We are too.

Michael Ware came up with the name Partisan Pixel in 2006, when he was transition into web design. The name was a double entendre, suggesting advocacy and (redacted). He spent several years at Magic Hat and Efficiency Vermont before going freelance in 2014. Since then, Partisan has built over 100 websites for various clients and agencies.

Once launched, websites tend to grow. They need new landing pages and the occasional update. They must continually adapt to new standards in design, code, accessibility, and privacy. In other words, the scope and volume of Partisan’s work became too much for a single consultant. In the summer of 2019, Partisan doubled in size with the addition of Kevin Davison. A former techie at Apple and Burton Snowboards, Kevin adds to the mix as a WordPress and Shopify developer, videographer, and photographer. He can fix just about anything, except the United States.

We know many local freelancers and join forces for larger projects. We also work with agencies and dev teams whose work compliments our own. For smaller projects, we are responsible for all aspects of design, development, and deployment. A consultancy our size has the advantage of flexibility. Like most decent people, we take pride in our work. Our client base is loyal and growing, built almost entirely through reputation.

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