Maria and Ricardo’s

Maria and Ricardo's

WordPress & front end development

Harbar wanted to convert their existing Rails website to WordPress in order to self-manage the site and the SEO process, simplify updates and reduce costs. I rebuilt the site with a modular approach, creating custom content types like products, recipes and reviews that could be used in multiple places, displayed with custom queries. I replaced their store locators and reviews process, overhauled most of the front end code, optimized images and code, expanded social media sharing capabilities and added SSL encryption for security and improved SEO.

Bootstrap, HTML5, Javascript, PHP, SASS, WordPress

Working with Michael wasn’t work at all. He always was willing to help and to explain his job (something that computer people not always do). I highly recommend his job, which for me, it has the best quality standards.

Felipe Collia,
Sales Analyst for Harbar