Vermont Highway Safety Alliance

Vermont Highway Safety Alliance

UX & web design, WordPress & front end development

The growing Alliance needed a modern, self-managed WordPress site that could present a growing body of data and resources about road safety issues in Vermont. Partisan worked closely with Ken Millman of Spike Advertising to create a colorful visual style that echoed road safety signage.

Bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery, Photoshop, PHP, SASS, UXPin, WordPress

Spike Advertising

In short, Michael Ware is my go to front-end WordPress developer. In long, he listens intently, makes the complex simple, offers elegant solutions, performs calmly, behaves reasonably, and does what he says he’s going to. Perhaps most important, he also graciously picks up the lunch tab. (At least when we eat Mexican food.)

Ken Millman,
Founder + Director, Spike Advertising