ACF Tutorial for BTV WordPress Meetup

Using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to create custom content interfaces for your clients.

Process that we’ll review for creating a custom content type with ACF:
1) know what your custom content is and what the fields will be;
2) create a custom content type as a plugin and activate it;
3) if needed, create custom taxonomy as a plugin and activate it;
4) activate ACF plugin;
5) in the admin menu on the left, you should see your new content type;
6) you should also see CUSTOM FIELDS where you will create field groups for your new content type and assign groups to that content type.
7) Create an single and archive page for your content type in your theme: single-horse.php and archive-horse.php
8) use code examples from ACF to display those custom fields in the loop or wherever you need it.

Files for the tutorial:

Horse example:

– description
– height
– dam (mother)
– sire (father)
– recent win


WP Beginner: How to create custom post type, plugin or manual

Using a plugin to create custom post type:

The manual option for creating custom post type:
Generate WP


In the past, I’ve used Types and CFS but ACF is a stronger plugin in my opinion with better support and documentation.

Books: check out Professional WordPress Design and Development.